Can Do Teachers

100 books for 100 teachers

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown us into a world of uncertainty. Many teachers are showing creativity and spade-fulls of can-do by planning how they will respond should school closures be extended. This is also a good time for teachers to read and grow.

More than 2000 copies of Where Light Shines Through were distributed to teachers before schools closed.

I would like to offer 100 more books as a gift to can-do teachers during this time. Fill in the form below. The first 100 teachers to respond will receive a copy sent to their door.

About the book

Where Light Shines Through tells the stories of can-do South African teachers who are excelling at their work. It explores what we can learn from these teachers to build the quality of public schooling. It turns our gaze momentarily away from public officials who are in power towards those who are in service.

The book offers this description of a can-do teacher.

More than anything, a can-do teacher cares; she harnesses her resilience and her willingness to evolve to make things happen despite the circumstances. This agency drives her to do the best for those in her care as she helps children imagine and realise their greatest possible selves.

Fill in the form below

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Terms and conditions

  • You must be a teacher currently employed at a South African school
  • You must have a physical delivery address in South Africa
  • Only one entry per person
  • All the fields must be filled in
  • Your contact details will remain confidential, but by filling in the form you agree that your name and response to the can-do teacher question can be used on social media and through other marketing platforms.
  • It’s not possible to courier books during lockdown. Books will be delivered when lockdown is lifted.

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