We have a team of about 200 teachers delivering classes to almost 5000 learners this year in the afternoons.  When our mentors visit each site, they offer feedback and support, but like to leave the team with something extra to think about.  These EduBytes combine short background research with practical teaching and classroom practice tips.  We will add more throughout the year.  Feel free to download them to use in your classrooms and programmes.

A Research Review for Extra Curricula Primary Mathematics Programmes

Social Innovations commissioned a research review to help us better understand the challenges that learners face in intermediate phase maths and the difficulties of the transition from foundation phase to intermediate phase.

The report recommends how these challenges can best be addressed in an after school environment.


We hope that this report will also inform other programmes working to support intermediate phase maths.  This is an open source document.

Social Innovations surveyed stakeholders of the Zenex Foundation to inform the development of its 2019 – 2023 strategy.  We asked stakeholders for feedback on the foundations strategy, relationships, grant making approach, operations, communications and knowledge sharing. Read more about how the survey informed Zenex’s strategy.

Sponsored copies of Where Light Shines Through are distributed to teachers and education students to inform and inspire a new generation of can-do teachers.
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